Wednesday, 31 October 2012


One day I was at Nagpur Railway Station to take a ticket from Nagpur to Jaipur. There was only one line for both genders and it was too long. I asked there should be a different line for females.

One boy came in front of me and said " you girls always want a similar rights for girls as boys naa, than why can you not stand in a single line????"

It was right and I couldn't say any word at that moment.
I surprised and stood at the end of that single line.

 I thought "he read my blog hopefully". Whatever it was, he was right.

when I was returning from BNLW to Nagpur  I found two separate lines there at BNLW Railway Station....
I remembered those words. But what.......


  1. Hi I read your posts and you write good in honest way. Keep on writing like this. Now to give an honest comment, in our country there is nothing fixed as such. You can see different rules in different places. Just go with the flow. Do what is appropriate at that time. Don't think too much!

  2. Thnx Nitin for your coment....
    But i think if one do not give more attention to little things thn he/she cnt understand big things.