Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rama or Ravana???

Death Penalty is not ideal....

It has been too long that I didn't write anything. Everyday When I wake up in the morning and think about to read the newspaper, it makes my mood off. It feels like I am gonna do a mistake by reading a newspaper, it spoil my whole day. Newspaper is filled with many rape cases and suicide cases etc.
one minister said 
" ladkiya apni maryada bhool gyi h, jaise Ramayan me Sita ne Laxman k mna krne par bhi Laxman Rekha ko cross kr liya tha to 
Ravan unko utha k le gya, kyuki Sita ne apni maryada ko cross kiya tha
What does mean of this sentence??????
Is he want to say that it was Sita's mistake, she crossed the Laxman Rekha?? 
She crossed the Laxman Rekha to save her Husband ShriRam only.
Girls compared with Sita and Boys are comparing with Ravana. Even Ravan didn't touch the Sita against her permission. 

 Laxman recognized the Sita with her feet and didn't know how she look like? 

If you people dont know the Ramayan than first you should read that. 
I never understood one thing in my life why every time girls are there to be blamed??
Even many times I think that "Did I make mistake by being a Girl?" or "God does this mistake". 

Two days ago, In Chikmagalur, Karnataka, I read a news in which A man is beaten up by villagers after tied to an eletric pole for alleged sexual harrasment of an 8th standard student. 
I think every adult should watch " I spit on your grave" movie than you people realize what should one do with these kind of people.
A strong voice has also been raised to introduce chemical castration as a punishment for the rapists, which has already been accepted in various US states and many countries in Europe. Death penalty is not ideal.
The punishment for rape should be castration.

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